Accounting and Finance Careers in the UK: Job Prospects and Opportunities

Growing up a lot of us have fancied to have a career in the city of London. The capital of the heart of global finance was the square mile. The mythic level of riches that were to be made is the stuff of legend. In this article, we are going to look at the sector and see what you can make. Finance is one of the best-paying areas in the British economy, and the industry attracts many job seekers. Directors of Finance, for example, are raking in an average of £99,410 per annum, according to Glassdoor’s anonymously provided salary data.

While professions in the sector often require long hours and tiring days at the office during the start, those who stick with it are paid high salaries and typically shorter hours as they move up the ladder. If you are looking for a high-paying profession, browse the list we’ve collated with the highest-paying jobs in Finance.

Here are the best-paying gigs in Finance:

  1. Chief Financial Officer
  2. Quantitative Analyst
  3. Equity Research Analyst
  4. Portfolio Manager
  5. Actuary
  6. Tax Manager
  7. Commercial Manager
  8. Investment Consultant
  9. Investment Banking Analyst
  10. Fund Accountant
  11. Investment Analyst
  12. Asset Manager
  13. Financial Planner
  14. Investment Banking Associate
  15. Financial Consultant
  16. Internal Auditor

Which Type of Accounting and Finance Job is Right For You?

Accounting and Finance are not just for people who were math nerds at university. Many guys working in the financial sector have backgrounds in social and humanities.

Careers in the finance sector require various levels of quantitative skills and experience. Some guys in the industry will have a doctorate in data science, while some may rise to equally high pay scales through their ability to connect with consumers, identify things, and put in long work times.

Before you start a career in the business accounting and finance industry, it’s important to know your end career goals and whether you will require any additional education or degree to reach those goals.

Which Finance Jobs Pay The Most Money?

Chief Financial OfficerGlassdoor salaries from £72,000 – £215,000

Chief Financial Officers are usually responsible for directing the organization’s financial statements things. As top-level business executives, their tasks include developing and implementing annual budgets and expenditure plans. They also ensure the company’s financial work complies with relevant benchmarks and regulations. This position often requires a professional and academic background in accounting, banking, or financial management.

1)Quantitative Analyst

Glassdoor salary range: £41,000 – £131,000

Quantitative Analysts discover profitable investment options while also minimizing risk. They utilize quantitative means to aid with the business and strategy decisions of investment institutions, hedge funds, money managers, and private equity companies. This typically calls for mathematical skills and a field-relevant advanced degree or a Ph.D., depending on the position’s seniority level.

2)Equity Research Analyst

Glassdoor salary range: £42,000 – £118,000

Equity Research workers use their in-depth expertise in the finance market to help companies in the securities industry make informed decisions about sales, purchasing, and having a certain kind of investment. This is done by developing research works, projections, and recommendations concerning companies and stocks.

3)Portfolio Manager

Glassdoor salary range: £32,000 – £120,000

Portfolio Managers use their powerful understanding of financial investment strategies and risk management techniques to create diversified investment solutions for their customers. Their goal is to help make a profit through strategy and tactics-based asset allocation. Becoming a Portfolio Manager typically requires a bachelor’s degree relevant to Finance.


Glassdoor salary range: £41,000 – £112,000

Insurance companies typically hire actuaries to analyze the economic price of risk and uncertainty. They also help businesses formulate policies that minimize the price of that risk. To be fully certified, aspiring Actuaries must pass various actuarial exams.

5)Tax Manager

Glassdoor salary range: £43,000 – £78,000

Tax Managers are responsible for preparing and filing state and federal tax papers. They also make frameworks for tax compliance and deal with external advisors and different tax revenue authorities. This role generally requires extensive experience with accounting and finance and a relevant bachelor’s degree.

6)Commercial Manager

Glassdoor salary range: £33,000 – £82,000

Commercial Managers have the primary job of overseeing a firm’s business development works. They work on getting new client contracts and formulating growth strategies to help meet organizational objectives. To be good in this role, the capacity to build relationships is essential. Also, Commercial Management roles often need strong business acumen, business-related experience, and higher education.

7)Investment Consultant

Glassdoor salary range: £28,000 – £95,000

Investment Consultants usually provide advice on investment goods and services. These include individual retirement accounts, money management, and university savings accounts. They often work directly with customers to help them attain their financial goals. Investment experience and a finance-focused degree are typically a must-have for this position.

8)Investment Banking Analyst

Glassdoor salary range: £42,000 – £73,000

Investment Banking Analysts are tasked with raising capital for businesses and people. This is done by issuing debt and selling equity. Investment Banking Analysts also analyze risks and provide financial insights to ensure investments make money for the business. The position often requires a university degree and experience in finance-related fields.

9)Fund Accountant

Glassdoor salary range: £25,000 – £63,000

Fund Accountants control the day-to-day accounting for their assigned mutual or institutional funds. They also analyze financial data, monitor security details, and promptly report and ensure results comply with relevant rules and protocols. Fund accountants usually need deep tax expertise and a higher education degree in accounting, Finance, or related fields.

10)Investment Analyst

Glassdoor salary range: £24,000 – £80,000

Investment Analysts study and examine trends to identify high-yield, minimal-risk opportunities. They also analyze business assets, financial reports, and industry-related metrics to make an informed investment choice. An Investment Analyst role usually requires a university degree, relevant financial certification, and financial sector experience.

11)Asset Manager

Glassdoor salary range: £30,000 – £85,000

Asset Managers are usually responsible for dealing with client assets. They study and convey market changes that might impact investment holdings or other forms of holdings. Asset managers typically need a finance-related university degree and can go on to a more senior level after many years of service and industry certifications.

12)Financial Planner

Glassdoor salary range: £34,000 – £77,000

Financial Planners or Wealth Management Advisors utilize their expertise in laws, best practices, and different financial products to provide support and financial advice to their clients. They evaluate their customer’s financial status, make plans, and make necessary changes. This position typically needs a field-related university degree, college courses from a CFP Board-registered program, and financial planning experience.

13)Investment Banking Associate

Glassdoor salary range: £63,000 – £121,000

Financial groups usually employ Investment Banking Associates to perform client-facing jobs; They manage client accounts, create a portfolio of investment options, and execute strategic financial deals to support the company’s profitability goals. A banking, Finance, or accounts background can be a solid basis for this position.

14)Financial Consultant

Glassdoor salary range: £23,000 – £72,000

Financial Consultants have a basic duty of developing financial plans for organizations and individuals to attain their financial objectives. Financial advisors generally create financial strategies, observe the client’s financial health, predict the fiscal year, and advise on capital investments. To grow in this role, you will have to have deep expertise in a finance-kind of niche and a broad knowledge of the industry.

15)Internal Auditor

Glassdoor salary range: £25,000 – £68,000

Internal Auditors make internal audit scope and audit ideas using a systematic and disciplined approach. They evaluate organizational processes, find improvement opportunities, and report things to management. Becoming an Internal auditor usually requires a university degree in accounting, Internal Auditor certificates, and relevant professional experience.

Finance Career Paths

A career in the Finance industry usually requires a bachelor’s degree. While majoring in finance, business, economics, and mathematics can assist you in scoring your initial gig and performing well in it, the industry is also welcoming to those who studied diverse subjects, from English to French, as long as you have some kind of quantitative education.

Some jobs in Finance require specialized licenses, such as being a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or going for Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Frequently, an MBA or related master’s degree — or even better, a doctorate. In economics — you can immediately raise your pay prospects. While the Finance industry is not best known for relaxing hours and being a stress-free environment, it is an area whereby investing your time as a junior guy; you can see big rewards in terms of both pay and reduced work hours as you progress through the ranks.

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