9 Easy Steps to Business Development for Accounting Firms In 2023

Accounting Firm Business Development Tips in 2023

Running a profitable accounting firm business or struggling to survive in 2023 depends on how well you understand (and capitalize on) your customers’ changing needs and expectations.

Here’s Why

Not long ago, companies needed accountants primarily for compliance and reporting duties. But these days, most businesses look to accountants for cash flow, growth advice, and tax planning assistance in addition to their core accounting duties for business development.

These technological developments do not fall into the realm of traditional accounting. Therefore, only a progressive approach can help accounting firms anticipate client needs and build the right skills and systems to future-proof their services.

Traditional Accounting Firms And Progressive Accounting Firms

Traditional accounting firms provide core accounting services (bookkeeping and tax preparation). They tend to leverage proven methods and tools to manage client work.

Progressive accounting firms, on the other hand, rely on a combination of technology and human input to manage their operations and create a positive experience for their clients and employees for business development.

Because advanced accounting firms rely on technology (manually handling repetitive tasks), they are more productive, efficient, and accurate. This allows us to focus on finding better ways to address the current and evolving needs of our customers.


Due to frequent regulatory and technological changes in the accounting industry, services can quickly become obsolete.

In the past five years alone, accounting firms have had to adapt to changing business development needs such as:

  1. Customers facing digital change
  2. Businesses eligible for stimulus packages and aid packages
  3. change work culture
  4. Customers facing digital change

Since the global pandemic, the number of businesses going online has increased dramatically.

This change provided progressive accounting firms with an opportunity to assist companies such as:

  1. Investigate where economic losses may be occurring to eliminate the threat of resource redistribution.
  2. Forecast your cash flow and adjust your budget to stay within budget during the transition.
  3. Accompany contract negotiations with customers and suppliers.
  4. Companies Eligible for Stimulus and Relief Measures

Due to the economic impact of COVID-19, governments around the world are taking steps to ease the financial burden on individuals and business development.

For example, in the United States, the government passed the Relief, Coronavirus Aid, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

The purpose of the CARES Act was to enable businesses to control wages and overheads through loans, guarantees, and employee retention loans. In order to claim these benefits, entrepreneurs had to meet certain requirements (which can be difficult to understand). For example, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) applies to companies with less than 500 employees. However, such companies must put 60% of their loans on payroll, and their average number of full-time employees must be at least the same as the previous year.

Accounting Firms Have Helped These Companies With This Business Development

Please understand these requirements to take advantage of the right assistance package. Please upgrade your account to access the help pack. If your company cannot help you with this, you risk losing customers to progressive accounting firms that provide these development services quickly.

All progressive accounting firm owners must be able to:

  1. Track who is working on what and where your client’s work is.
  2. Communicate and collaborate with employees to achieve customer deliverables.

This wasn’t a big issue as everyone was working out of the office. But with most accounting firms forced to operate a remote working model (virtual accounting), they needed to think differently about visibility and collaboration. Progressive accounting firms were among the first to adopt software solutions to manage accounting operations, maintaining operational quality, customer retention, and capacity planning across distributed teams.

This allowed us to stay ahead of our competitors without constantly struggling to keep up. If you’ve ever wondered, “Can accountants work from home?”

How TO Start A Progressive Accounting Firm IN 2023.

Here are some ways to get started building a progressive accounting firm for 2023.

  1. Identify your ideal customer
  2. Focus on niche areas
  3. Hire and retain the right people
  4. Search your network of current customers to find your ideal customer
  5. Trust your customers and feel supported
  6. become a thought leader
  7. Work more efficiently with technology

1. Identify Your Ideal Customer

If you’ve been in the accounting industry for a while, you’ve probably had some difficult clients. Too many of these will ruin your business.

To grow your business, you must dedicate the majority of your resources to serving your most profitable customers, regardless of profitability metrics for business development. Your ideal customer may belong to the same industry, age group, social or economic class, but don’t worry if they don’t. Also, there may be multiple ideal customer personas for different customer profiles. A well-defined ideal customer persona makes your marketing efforts more targeted and effective. First, find the most profitable customers in your current customer base.

Do they belong to the same role, industry, or age group?

The more of these details you have, the more likely you are to tailor your offer to make a meaningful impact and remain relevant to your customer’s business development.

2. Focus On A Niche

Entrepreneurs increasingly demand smooth reporting, compliance, and business processes.

By specializing in an area (real estate, restaurants, construction, etc.) or an aspect of accounting (tax, transaction accounting, audit, and assurance), you will acquire the specific skills your ideal client requires. This increases your chances of satisfying existing customers and attracting new customers for business development.

You can track developments in an area and stay relevant to your customers as their needs change. Identify your strengths and build your expertise around them. We need to find a way to gradually phase out current customers who are not meeting their needs.

3. Hire And Retain The Right People

Our ability to provide satisfactory service depends on the people we hire to do our clients’ work.

Your team should consist of people with basic accounting skills and other skills your business needs to deliver a great customer experience. This includes

  1. managing client work
  2. implementing technology,
  3. building client relationships.

The talent is there, but attracting and retaining it is a problem. Hiring and retaining top accounting firms talent is not rocket science. After all, it is important to have some, if not all.

Progressive accounting firm corporate culture

Your company culture either makes your company a pleasure for your employees or vice versa. Either way, it affects customer service. Your organization’s culture ultimately depends on the hard work of everyone on your team, but it’s your responsibility to set the atmosphere of values ​​that guide your organization.

This includes how the organization deals with communication, diversity, teamwork, employee engagement, and development.

Adequate Employee Remuneration

The best accountants are driven by growth and influence, but they also don’t want to live on a paycheck. Proper employee compensation not only reduces your chances of being pulled over by other companies, it also allows you to focus on serving your customers.

Growth Opportunities

They are the best because they are hungry for career growth and success. If you don’t give them career advancement opportunities, even the best people won’t stay with the company for long.

Moreover, empowering your employees directly benefits your business. Your new skills are reflected in the quality of your work that brings joy to your clients. You can help your employees grow by paying for accounting courses (and accounting conferences) and empowering them to work on complex projects.

Flexible Working

If you don’t provide your employees with a flexible work environment, it will be difficult to retain your current workforce. It doesn’t even attract new people.

For example, remote work has become more popular among employees due to the perception that employees are just as productive in remote work systems. Remote work is perhaps the clearest interpretation of flexible work in the wake of the pandemic, but flexible work goes far beyond remote and onsite work models. This includes shorter workweeks and flexible start and end times.

4. Search Your Current Customer Network To Find Your Ideal Customer

When like-minded people gather, current customers are more likely to be related to similar business owners (networking in the same community, taking the same courses, attending the same conferences). Increase).

Find out where your most profitable customers hang out (online and offline) and log into those locations to meet like-minded business owners. A referral program for existing customers is also an option. If your service is satisfactory, they will probably let their friends know about your service. Encourage customer referrals to double his chances of referrals.

Incentives may include free or discounted fees for customers who refer a friend to your business.

5. Trust Your Customers And Feel Supported.

Communication with clients helps progressive accounting firms to more quickly fulfill the services provided by their clients. Because of this, many accountants fall into the trap of trying to impress customers with financial jargon. However, this approach is self-defeating.

Most entrepreneurs know next to nothing about their company’s accounting, and that’s what scares them the most. Using jargon can be intimidating and negatively impact relationships. But when you communicate with your customers in a simple, genuine, and professional way, they become more understanding, friendly, and supportive. This improves the quality of customer relationships in the long run.

6. Be A Thought Leader

People only do business with companies they know and trust. Existing and potential customers ask tons of questions every minute. They want to know.

  1. How to finance your business.
  2. How they build their business.
  3. Whether to separate business and personal accounts.
  4. How to predict trends in customer needs.

And countless other things. Demonstrate your expertise and increase your chances of winning new customers and retaining existing customers by sharing knowledge that helps your customers solve everyday business challenges.

7. Efficient Work Using Technology

Without the right accounting process software, your team will struggle to manually manage work and other repetitive tasks day in and day out. This saves you the hassle of planning and expanding your business from a traditional accounting firm to a forward-thinking accounting firm.

But with practice management solutions, you can automate as many processes as possible, from workflow and customer relationship management to time tracking and invoicing. This frees up resources to anticipate customer needs, follow industry trends, and optimize services to take advantage of new opportunities.

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