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What is Finance Monkey?

To put it simply, Finance Monkey is a Finance-Managing company. For you this means that we will handle all your financial matters, or at least the matters you hand over to us. Finance Monkey deals in a wide array of services. This includes providing you with a basic book-keeper to a Finance Manager who will help manage each and every penny that flows in or out of your business. Finance Monkey wants to help your business flourish. Hence, we offer every finance-related service under the sun.


75 Years Experience

Our team has a combined experience of 75 years. When it comes to handling finances, you should always avoid ‘freshies’. This means fresh, new graduates who might perform well in textbooks but have no idea what the real field is like. Our experience ensures that if there exists a problem, we’ve been there done that. So who would you choose; someone who knows all the ups and downs of your business already or someone who has yet to gain their footing?

Turnkey Solutions

There are a lot of firms that expect you to have at least a skeletal staff, i.e. basic manager, book-keeper, etc. present to preside over the matters. Here at Finance Monkey, however, our motto is No Monkey, No problem. Even if your only staff-member is a crusty old janitor, we will take up on the challenge and do whatever it takes to oil up those gears and start those engines so your finances run as clean and smooth as a dream.

Be a leader with Finance Monkey

It is a sad truth that a lot of companies do not provide their customers with the respect they deserve. Finance Monkey believes that our satisfaction lies with yours and hence we prefer forming a bond of trust and respect with each and every client. Our relationship managers are appointed with the task of looking after your needs that are unrelated to the cold grind of business. We believe that every potential customer that walks through our doors deserves respect regardless if they decide to engage in business with us or not. Our relationship managers make sure that you are at ease at all times so both your business and other affairs run like a well-oiled machine. At Finance Monkey, there is no query too small or insignificant as does not deserve to be answered and your needs satisfied in the best possible manner.

Finance Monkey processes and financial functions.

Finance Monkey works with the best in each industry, our approach isn’t a one size fits all that’s why we don’t work with every client that comes our way. Before starting any project we meet with the clients and discuss how Finance Monkey can maximize their processes and financial functions. Only if we feel we can atleast give 200% ROI to the client then only we kick start.


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